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The Laundromat, An American Dream Business and an Entrepreneur's Playground"

I started in the Coin Laundry business in 1985 following an 11-year career in the bicycle industry. I meant a gentleman, also named Chuck who was managing the office of the Maytag Commercial distributor and I was taken by the simplicity of the business. The bicycle business was fascinating but was becoming more about branding than product and my interest was already becoming less rather than more. In looking into the laundry business, I couldn’t imagine how it couldn’t be improved on. The laundries were a mixed group of various locations with washing machines in them. Very few laundry owners seemed concerned with customer service with even cleanliness and safety were grossly neglected. I knew that whatever I would eventually do, I would only be motivated f I could make a significant contribution to the business. It was obvious that the entrepreneurial opportunities were enormous in the laundry business. The timing was right for a change.
I started off quick, finding locations for new laundries to build out, working with area realtors and getting to know the established laundry owners. It became clear quite early that most established laundry owners had little or no intention on spending a penny to improve their businesses. Yet, the opportunities were spilling over. Each new or fresh retool laundry I worked on over the next few years exceeded expectations. So, it became obvious that to succeed in building the market I would have to sell the laundries to new investors who saw the opportunity and who would take the necessary steps.
For 37 years now I have assisted laundry investors in creating their dream business. In this time, I have learned a great deal. First, a laundry is a time lined investment and the failure of investors to understand the science of the business leaves an awful lot on the table for those eager entrepreneurs with the drive, resources and will necessary to create something greater.
My experience s quite complete. I have developed in excess of 30 new laundries, retooled and brokered in the hundreds and have built on spec and flipped dozens more. I am an active Expert Witness when things do not work out and I also a consult other professional that support our industry. I have held a General Contractors License In the past and I am and have been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 35 years.
I am dedicated to this industry and the entrepreneurs that drive it.

May 10, 2023

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