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Tamer Shoukry AKA Mr. Wireless Ohio Wholesale had been a leader in the Prepaid Wireless Marketing , Sales and Fulfillment. He has assisted many leading Prepaid brands in Establishing Their Markets since 2006 such as Page Plus, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile and H2O.

Sign up for any of these services and work directly with him and ENSURE success in implementing these services. Tamer posseses the experience, know-how and connections to make these services increase a shop's income.

Tamer started in the wireless industry in 2006 when he started in regional sales which allowed him to build a network of small and medium sized wireless retailers. He moved into selling in bulk to small carriers, started a repair business, and also started a wireless repair school.

In 2015 Tamer started his wireless software company that serves independent wireless dealers.

Feb. 28, 2023

EP 75: How To Sell a Wireless Cell Phone Store, with Tamer Shoukry, …

There is more to a wireless store than just a storefront selling and repairing cell phones. On this edition of How To Sell a Business Podcast, Tamer Shoukry, Owner of Wireless Dealerz, talks with host Ed Mysogland about how he …

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