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Interview Flow

About the Podcast:

The How to Sell A Business Podcast was previously known as “The Defenders of Business Value” (nearly 80 episodes). Because the majority of comments and feedback were centered around selling a company, in this second season, I felt that a name indicative of the topic would be more discoverable to those who need it.  

So Who Is the Audience?

The audience is business owners with revenues likely under $25 million who want to learn about the value of their most important asset and how they will sell it when they want, to whom they want, and for what they want.

About Me

I’ve been in the business brokerage/M&A industry for over 30 years.  You can review my credentials:



Business Brokerage

...and What Happens Next

Step 1 - Scheduling

Schedule your interview (it is at most 45 minutes). You will receive an email to self-schedule based on your convenience and my recording schedule. Click Here for my scheduling link. Will receive an invite from me and when we schedule the virtual recording studio, it will be updated with the link to join on the appropriate day.

Step 2 - From You - Onboarding:

Will need to go to my onboarding page and share the information we need to create a great experience for you and the audience. Click Here

Step 3 - Draft of Script Submission

I will send you a script draft with sample questions to help you understand and prepare for what I plan to ask. I encourage you to if you have questions that you believe would be meaningful for this type of audience; PLEASE send them. This is entirely educational and nothing controversial.

Step 4 - Day Before the Recording

I will send you a confirmation email for the time and any issues we need to address for this can be the best experience for you and the audience.

Step 5 - Day of Recording

  • I use a podcast recording platform called Riverside.FM. You can see how it will work on your end - click here
  • You will follow the link provided during the scheduling
  • We’ll visit and address any questions you might have
  • I’ll ask you to confirm that all notifications have been silenced on your cell phone and computer
  • I’ll press record, and we’ll visit for 30 minutes or so – it isn’t live, so don’t worry about anything. If you respond in a way you don’t like, let’s rerecord it.

Step 6 - Post Production

The podcast will be edited so it looks and sounds the best. (No one tells you that this is where all of the time is at…editing )

Step 7 - Promotion

  • You will receive an email when the podcast will be released - likely 2 to 4 weeks after recording.
  • We will send it to the email lists and social media platforms when it is released.
  • I will provide templates should you wish to promote it to your audience via email and social media.

Step 8 - Referral:

If you like the podcast, I would appreciate any introductions you could make to other experts or business owners that can help my mission for business owners to sell their business when they want, how they want, and for how much they want.


That is the gameplan. I appreciate your consideration and thank you in advance for your time. I’m confident that the contribution you make through this interview will be of value to the listener